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all you need is klaus

a journey into the incredible life of klaus voormann. an inside view into the history of rock’n’roll. a story of friendship, art and music. in 1960, art student klaus voormann meets the beatles for the first time in hamburg, their friendship has lastet ever since. in 1966 he wins a grammy for his cover design on the beatles revolver album. he becomes the bassist for the manfred mann band and later for john lennon’s plastic ono band. after that, he follows a career as both musician and graphic designer and works with b.b. king, harry nilsson, lou reed, jerry lee lewis, art garfunkel, james taylor and a lot of others. he is on nearly every solo record of john, george and ringo. the film follows him to the most important places of his career and to friends like paul mccartney, ringo starr, carly simon, van dyke parks, joe walsh, randy newman, richard perry, twiggy, the manfreds, olivia harrison. we meet stars like we've never seen them before and witness new and extraordinary music sessions.

director jörg bundschuh

camera roland wagner

production company kick-film

locations germany, england, usa

length 90 min.

br, arte, sf, yle, nhk



festival screenings

film festival hamburg 2010

documentary film festival nyon 2009

documentary film festival munich 2009



fff documentary award nomination 2009