black diamond

we leave our highly industrialized world and immerse into the underground coal-mining area of india, where conditions of the early industrial age can still be found. these mines rank among the oldest coal mines in the world. their origin dates back to the british colonial era. the methods of production have hardly changed since the beginning. manual labour with primitive tools defines the daily routine of the workers. for the miners, the coal loading teams and the workers of the coal processing plant labour has remained what it has been since the stone age, physical hardship and a fight for daily bread. the film leads us through a strange reality. it visualizes the extreme conditions of labour and the poverty of the families who live, in most cases, at the very margin of existence. women and men are shown, who won´t be bowed by their destiny and whose faces radiate great dignity. but health and existence of the population are in danger. insufficient protection of the workers and the enormous pollution demand their tribute. underground fire endangers human beings and causes huge devastation in coal reserves.

directors roland wagner / gunnar walther

producers roland wagner / gunnar walther

camera roland wagner

locations india, netherlands

length 70 / 90 min.




discovery channel award 2000

nomination german camera award 2000


festival screenings

documentary film festival munich 2000

festival for video and film bochum 2000

film- and tv-festival olomouc 2000