sithas große familie
the big indian lunch
the big indian lunch

cambodia - sitha´s huge orphan family

the cambodian couple sitha and sreymom have 37 children between the ages of five and eighteen - four of their own and 33 street children whom they have taken in and look after lovingly. their goal is to give the children warmth, love, and a sense of security, and to prepare them for an independent life and self-determined future. a future they would not have had on the street. with these two parents, the children experience what it means to have a family and to be able to be a child again without having to fight for their everyday survival. sitha and sreymom don't differentiate between their biological and adopted children. they're all their children - a large, extended family.


director philipp lutz

camera roland wagner

production company medienkontor

category 360° geo-report

location cambodia

length 52 min.