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cloned creatures

in spite of multifarious programs for protection of species, more and more species become extinct. in this respect there are increased efforts to conserve at least the genetic information of the species from disappearing. projects like the “frozen arc” of the natural history museum in london or the concepts of the “frozen-zoo” in usa are targeted on collecting the genotype of endangered species and conserve it deep frozen for the posterity. wondering we take notice, that the biotechnical development is irresistible proceeding. even if the intuition will achieve acceptance in the next decades, that probably it still makes more sense to protect the natural biotope of endangered animals, instead of cloning the animals later, there is still the vision of betsy dresser from new orleans. she imagines, that one day, if the earth is thus far run down, that life isn’t possible any more, deep frozen flora and fauna will be packed into spacecrafts to ship them into new worlds. on another planet everything should start then from the beginning again.

director matthias heeder

camera roland wagner

production company medienkontor

locations usa, france, belgium, germany

length 47 min.