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days and nights in paris

georg stefan troller takes us on a stroll through parisian neighbourhoods – on a travel through time showing that paris in all its contrasts is continuously creating its eternal myth. the author and director has been living in paris since 1949. forty years ago he created one of the most popular german tv series ever, “paris journal” and developed his typical poetic style of reportage. a film about the people of paris, whether they are poor, rich, unknown or famous, about love and life in a city, which is renowned for its erotic and intellectual sincerity. troller wants to find out how paris and its people have changed within the last four decades. some of the people he meets again are juliette gréco, catherine deneuve and the still most popular french abbé pierre. cut in a light, vivid multifarious way with an amusing and humorous narration, the film intertwines impressions of today and memories.

director georg stefan troller

camera roland wagner

production company kick-film

location paris

length 60 min.





nomination adolf grimme award 2005