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city palace, udaipur, india 2002





festival participations


only new orleans - ten years after katrina

fsff, fünf seen film festival 2015


money in minutes

documentary film festival leipzig 2014


good bye, tibet

this human world vienna 2011

int. mountain & adventure filmfestival graz 2011

documentary film festival munich 2011

sao paulo film festival 2010


turning torso

tiburon film festival 2010

festival of films on art montreal 2010


all you need is klaus

fipa biarritz 2012

film festival hamburg 2010

documentary film festival nyon 2009

documentary film festival munich 2009


memory books

banff world television festival 2010

sichuan tv festival 2009

documentary film festival kassel 2009

visions du reel nyon 2009

festival of the art of cinematography - camerimage 2008

film festival taiwan 2008

monte carlo television festival 2008

documentary film festival munich 2008

festival of films on art montreal 2008

film festival ruanda 2008

panafrican film festival montreal 2008

hotdocs-festival toronto 2008

fipa biarritz 2008

film days solothurn 2008


to tulsa and back

film festival bergen 2006

film festival krakau 2006

documentary film festival munich 2006

film festival nashville 2006

documentary film festival tel aviv 2006

flies t(r)opics festival suriname 2005

documentary film festival amsterdam 2005

internationale hofer filmtage 2005


peppers and nudes

film festival sydney 2005

chicago documentary festival 2005

mediawave hungary 2005

festival of films on art montreal 2005

documentary film festival karlovy vary 2004


black diamond

film- and tv-festival academia olomouc 2000

festival for video and film bochum 2000

documentary film festival munich 2000