the salt of the inka
the salt of the inka
the salt of the inka

incan salt

360° geo-report observed salt miners in the peruvian mountains. this documentary portrays the harsh day-to-day lives of the 'salineros' as they work in a stunningly beautiful south american mountain landscape. the salt mines of maras are situated in the highlands of the peruvian andes at an altitude of about 3.000 meters. they form a vast manmade labyrinth of salt wells. a thousand terraced wells collect the warm salty waters from the mountain. when the water evaporates under the strong sun, on the edges and bottom of the waterholes a precious white crust is left. this is maras-salt. to this very day, the descendants of the incas harvest their "white gold of the andes" using this traditional method.

director andrea oster

camera roland wagner

production company medienkontor

category 360° geo-report

location peru

length 52 min.