money in minutes
money in minutes
money in minutes

money in minutes

the film tells of a lesser-acknowledged aspect of globalisation: international work-related migration as the business foundation of financial service providers worldwide. according to world bank estimates, around 420 billion usa dollars will circle the globe in 2011 – money that is earned in the affluent north by migrant workers and sent home to their families. on average, migrant labourers send home between 150 and 200 us dollars each month – sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on how much they can afford. as a rule, most immigrants and their families do not have bank accounts and therefore, these ‘remittances’ are sent from continent to continent via companies that specialise in money transfer. the business principle behind the remittance industry is simple – money is deposited in the usa or in europe and in the recipient countries, in africa and south america, the money can be withdrawn. today, hundreds of companies have a slice of this billion-dollar cake, with the usa giants, western union and moneygram leading the way. focusing on these two market leaders, the film describes the strategies and logistics of an industry that shapes the financial infrastructure of migration, and uses it as an economic resource.

a documentary film by matthias heeder and monika hielscher

director matthias heeder

camera roland wagner


category documentary

locations italy, germany, usa, honduras, united arab emirates

length 90 min.

wdr, arte


supported by mitteldeutsche medienförderung, filmförderung hamburg schleswig-holstein, bkm, dfff and media.

development supported by media and filmförderung hamburg schleswig-holstein