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peppers and nudes - the photographer edward weston

he discovers beauty and abstraction in places where nobody had seen them before. in a pepper, for example. and he never ceases doing nude photography. his photographs become icons of the modern age and influence whole generations of photographers. peppers and nudes is a portrait of the american photographer edward weston (1886 - 1958). at the age of 37, the photographer moves to mexico. for him, an emergence into modern times. he photographs revolutionaries, artists and, again and again, his beloved tina modotti. Back in california he settles in carmel. fascinated by the dramatic rocky coastline of the pacific, he sets up his studio here. he comes to photograph one place right on his doorstep for the rest of his life. point lobos, washed by spray and waves. his black-and-white pictures are photography pure: objective, abstract and yet full of magic. the life of edward weston - on the trail in california. a journey to carmel and point lobos, to the sand-dunes of oceano and through the bizarre rocky outcrops of death valley. and a very personal history of modern american photography.

directors joachim haupt, sabine pollmeier

camera roland wagner

production company parnass film

location usa

length 27 min.




festival screenings

documentary film festival karlovy vary 2004

festival of films on art montreal 2005

mediawave hungary 2005

chicago documentary festival 2005

filmfestival sydney 2005