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the last camel caravans of the sahara

360° geo-report takes part in an exhausting journey through desert heat and drought. In the times of the pharaohs, people trekked through the desert between what is today sudan and egypt. they travelled in camel-caravans, loaded with ivory, salt, ostrich feathers and other precious cargoes. even today, the bedouin tribes follow these ancient trade routes, but today, it is the camels themselves that are sold to egypt. approximately 3 million camels exist in sudan alone and about 200,000 animals per year are sold to egypt. one of the most important yet dangerous paths leads from kordufan via darfur to south egypt. it is called the darb al-arba'in - "40-day road". only experienced caravan leaders dare to undertake the laborious journey.

director matthias heeder

camera roland wagner

production company medienkontor

category 360° geo-report

locations egypt, sudan

length 52 min.