the big indian lunch
the big indian lunch
the big indian lunch

the tango bars of buenos aires

buenos aires is loud and bewildering. but the city is also a symbol of melancholy, which is reflected in the many bars, honky-tonks and milongas where tango is danced each night. few people have grown as rich on the music or the tango as the married couple marcelo and lucila. or 74-year-old carlos, whose career as a tango instructor began only ten years ago. or doris bennan, owner of the oldest bar in buenos aires, “los laureles” – despite having a hard time with only two guests a night after first taking it over. today the bar is full of tango-crazed and lonely souls as well as genuine artists and legends. they all have one thing in common: a complete disinterest in business success. instead, their dreams come to life in dance in nights filled with passion.

director german kral

camera roland wagner

production company medienkontor

category 360° geo-report

location argentina

length 52 min.