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turning torso

since november 2005 malmö has a new town´s landmark, scandinavia has it´s highest house and europe has it´s second highest residential building: like an oversized sculpture the turning torso rises up to the sky on the brink of the south swedish town. in the endless flat landscape the skyscraper is visible from far away. the building is turning 90 degree around its own axis, like a spiral, which is screwing itself into the sky. walls are going round, windows are incline, outlines are out of alignment – a masterstroke of statics. its constructor, santiago calatrava from spain is a man with plenty of talents. he is an engineer, building bridges, sculptor and architect. all of his talents came together to build his first skyscraper: architecture as constructed motion. as a sculptor he had created a statue made of white marble. years later this sculpture was the origin of his concept. the engineer calatrava could calculate the complicated statics of the building and was demonstrating variety of forms in building skyscrapers, like it wasn´t possible before. the outline of the apartments were consequently adjusted to the exceptional swinging structure of the building. the right angle doesn´t exist. however the demand is huge for the apartments. the sheer view across the water towards kopenhagen is impressive.

director joachim haupt, sabine pollmeier

camera roland wagner

production company parnass film

location sweden

length 26 min.




festival screenings

tiburon film festival 2010

festival of films on art montreal 2010