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wigald boning spend a hole day with each of his prominent guests. due to his hyper investigative journalism, the audience come to know some unexpected and surprising insights. but also the speech pauses and the overlayed comment make the wib-schaukel to something special: …legendary funny, intelligent, absurd, illustrative and simpering … (faz)

cast ha schult, klaus doldinger, elke sommer, roland kaiser, erika berger, sepp maier, marusha, walter momper, gunter gabriel, johann lafer, uschi disl, gotthilf fischer, dj westbam, katja epstein, anouschka renzi, harry wijnvoord, thomas anders, ariane sommer, martin semmelrogge, frank zander


director jan markus linhof

camera roland wagner

production company entertainment factory

location germany

length 26 x 30 min.